Current Projects

Updated: 25th September 2009.

This gives a general sense of current projects; confidentiality is sometimes protected by obscuring detail. Contact for details on how your application can be supported.

New Product Design

An innovative product in a conservative market is planned. It relies on modelling an electromagnetic sensor. Space and specifications are real constraints.
Specifications for some trial units are being developed from the computer modelling and analysis.

Product Analysis and Support

One client required failure rate analysis for an existing product; this was to guide management decision on future strategy for the product. Another client is faced with significant failures in a far-eastern imported product across the UK. Causes of failure are being analysed, the design itself is being reviewed for potential future failures, and a report on findings and recommendations is to be communicated to the manufacturers. This makes best use of local-UK expertise and distant manufacturing in ensuring a quality product being made available at a reasonable price.

LCD Temperature Module

Fast turn-around for this design was required. Analysis of various calibration methods was a vital factor.

Audio Safety

Investigations into safety of professional and domestic sound levels are in progress; modelling using both MathCAD and Spice has shown some interesting new possibilities to help protect users hearing and employers to meet new legislation. Prototypes have been built and are being evaluated.

Audio VU Adapter

A new start-up needing some hardware for their new product range. First phase is a small batch of prototypes; it then moves to volume manufacture. Challenges are fast turn-around and competitive costs.

Multi-Camera Control System

The client needed an extremly fast turn-around on this project. Many high-specification HD movie cameras had to be fired from a single remote control. A cost-effective solution was demonstrated on 25 cameras within 7 days of the project starting. The full array of cameras were successfully controlled for the film shoot. Diagnostics had been included to ensure all devices responded for this critical application. The whole project was completed and used successfully within 6 weeks of the initial enquiry! Follow this link for the Toshiba Timesculpture experience.

Professional Audio Accessory

Analysis and experiment on problems with this audio test tool have revealed practical solutions. This is now in production.

Domestic Security Aid.

This novel concept improves domestic security. It is now in full manufacturing with established international sales. This is a collaborative venture.

Consumer Display Product

This recently completed design study addressed the technologies associated with a proposed new consummer product: TFT/OLED/EPD displays, power management, data compression, encryption and security, and last-but-not-least, the intuitive user-interface. The report included indicatory development plans and costs. A small PC-based working demonstrator was prepared. This project is now complete. Further development will only happen if the client raises more finance.

Pick-n-Place Instrument

Demonstrations of the successful “proof-of-principle” multi-nozzle unit continue; suitable funding and collaboration arrangements are being sought.

Energy Scheme Patent Evaluation

A technical feasibility study for a novel method to improve energy generation efficiency. This short-term study is to reassure potential investors. This study is now complete.

Temperature Controller

The client has sourcing difficulties for a heater/temperature control module. They are currently reviewing the options presented in a report; this included a substitute product involving custom PIC PID design.

Virtual Company

Associate companies have been brought into a dynamic framework whereby more skills and resourses can be focussed on any particular application. This now includes the additional resourses of:

  1. Microcontroller, DSP, realtime software
  2. PCB design resourses
  3. Mechanical design, plastic moulding and fabrication
  4. Servo system, precision, high-power dc motor drives, drive mechanisms for robotic systems
  5. Links to China for volume manufacturing

Door Security System.

A new version of this has now been tested and is in validation phase for CE etc. It is a PIC-based unit employs novel battery management, motor control and several safety features.