Good design is founded in the good relationship with a client.

During preliminary discussions, an exciting spark of invention shows how the client’s vision can be realised. This is often simplistic, but it does point out the first steps to be taken. This spark is coaxed and nurtured through investigation, analysis, modelling and experiment, through suggestions and discussions.

Progressively, the path evolves, continuing all the way until the final set of instruction and information enables the vision to be reproduced accurately and efficiently, and to meet regulatory requirements.

Centred in the electronics and software design, RGC Technical’s remit often includes case design, optical and other interfaces, acceptance tests and much more. There is always some consideration of technological evolution and the resulting trail of obsolescence.


  • Audio applications including test instruments, safety functions.
  • Active and passive analogue filters (including phase-sensitive environments, matching to lossy transmission lines).
  • Interfaces to transducers, fibre-optics, sensors, actuators.
  • Power supplies, including switching, synchronisation for noise avoidance, high voltage, battery management, and back-up systems.
  • Precision analogue, including low-power battery applications, ultra-low current circuits, sophisticated offset correction mechanisms.
  • Ultrasound applications, including front end design, isolation of transmit and receive functions, dynamic gain mechanisms.
  • Non-linear, including logarithmic amplifiers, analog mixers, soft-clipping schemes, marginal oscillators.
  • (spin-resonance demonstrator).

Digital and More:

  • Microcontroller subsystems and support circuitry, including: PIC’s, H8S series, HC11/12/05/08 series, AT91 ARM processor, 8051 and similar.
  • Mixed-signal, A>D and D>A conversion, analogue vs. digital processing assessment
  • (front-end design)

  • Algorithm development, architecture design, imaging applications.
  • (fpga algorithm development)

  • CPLD, FPGA, microcontroller, discrete logic.
  • PCI interfaces; serial interfaces eg. SPI, I2C.
  • System requirements analysis, system design.

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