Analysis and Resolution

Analysis means “loosen up” (etymology)

Loosening up is exactly what is required for intractable situations, lack of understanding, repetitive mistakes and failures, and lack of direction.


  • Your instinct screams of a market opportunity, a better product, and an innovation; but how can product design overcome laws of physics, a minefield of patents, and still deliver value?
  • Your pet Asian manufactured product is failing in use, reputation is suffering and support costs escalating; how can you diagnose enough of the problem to communicate effectively and swiftly with the unknown designer?
  • Your UK-manufactured product is failing in certain countries but not others; returned units pass all tests and communications become heated. How can you rapidly determine the cause and consequent remedy?
  • Your organisation features growing entrenchment of views and opinions, inhibiting effective remedies and initiatives. How can these be resolved without fragmentation?

……… BUT you already know the answer – ANALYSIS followed by RESOLUTION.

These scenarios are commonplace, have common elements, and commonly can be resolved.
Clarity comes through loosening up our perception with incisive analysis.
Resolution is then wiser and more effective.
Results are good products, satisfied markets, goodwill, efficiency, and profit.

RGC Technical specialises in applying analysis and resolution. Key aspects are found to be:

  • Independence (neutrality of view)
  • Respect (for all views, individuals, parties, including competitors)
  • Trust (wining it, earning it, maintaining it)
  • Persistence (constant focus on resolution)

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