Management Support

Case Studies

Critical Resource Shortage

When a key employee was due to leave small high-tech company, critical knowledge and experience could be lost. There was only 1 month of employment left and it was anticipated that finding a suitable replacement would take a further 3 months. The state of documentation was rudimentary as the main project was still very much in the research and development phase. This problem was solved by provision of a bridging service; this was formulated in 3 phases.

During the 1 month remaining, it involved several days on-site with the employee and associates; documentation and schematics were studied and extensive notes made. This interactive period was of supreme importance, with questions emerging from notes and documentation being answered from the employee’s immediate experience.

The second phase was to support the company after the employee had left. Further documentation and notes were generated during this period. Recruitment of the replacement was supported, with interviews etc.

The third phase was the accelerated induction of the replacement. All notes and documentation generated became useful here.

Following this contract, the company to able to draw on further support as and when needed.

Other Support Activities

To assist the Technical Director of a small scientific manufacturing company, technology reviews were conducted in
specific areas of interest. Reports were presented at convenient periods, interspersed by review meetings.

A company was funding scientists in different fields to compile a feasibility study. Due to insufficient technical abilities
within the company, assistance was given to the project by providing coordination and editorial resources. A series of
interim documents and the final report needed considerable coordination and editing.

An international company had decided to close its sole UK site. Advice was given on strategy for staff management
during period till closure. Assistance was given in extracting IPR and potential product concepts.