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The Relationship:

The relationship between clients and RGC Technical transforms problems into solutions.
Since 1991, companies have benefited by working with RGC Technical; in electronics and product design, in technical analysis, and in management support, effective solutions have been realised. Recently, the emphasis has been on really rapid responses, both in servicing enquiries and in delivering solutions.

The Transformation:

1 – VISION. Your vision of your need is the starting point, whether generating a radically new product, or rejuvenating a tired old product. Through establishing an open relationship, this is explored and analysed until it becomes a shared VISION.

2 – DIRECTION. Alternative means of realising the VISION are considered, and appropriate options formulated for discussion. This period of dynamic relationship tests everyone’s understanding of the issues, and ensures the best direction for development is established. A range of options from the obvious to radical are a useful health check.

3 – DEVELOPMENT. With the general direction set, a determined development effort is essential to overcome the inevitable difficulties and avoid any pitfalls. This phase of steady relationship ensures efficiency and success, by staying with the shared vision.

4 – SOLUTION. Success is the VISION realised. Support continues until an effective solution is established, the transformation is complete and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Solutions and Services

  • Outcome: radically innovative new products – rejuvenated old products – increased profitability – better technical understanding – control of processes – streamlined operations
  • Design: medical instrumentation – medical imaging systems – audio instruments – scientific insturments and equipment – educational instruments – consumer products
  • Electronics/software: analogue – digital – firmware – realtime embedded – microcontrollers – ARM – PICs – FPGA – DSP – power supplies – control systems
  • Associated disiplines: mechanical design – plastic product design + development – technical analysis and research – project management – technical consultancy
  • Further Details:

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